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Card price

A card price is a CardReference with the following properties added to it:

Property Type Is required Description
vendor string Yes Available values: TCGplayer.
currencyCode string Yes Available values: USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, AUD, JPY.
marketPrice int32 Yes The market price in cents.
lowSellingPrice int32|null No The low selling price in cents.
midSellingPrice int32|null No The mid selling price in cents.
highSellingPrice int32|null No The high selling price in cents.
priceDateTime string Yes An ISO 8601 formatted UTC date/time.
vendorExpansionUrl string|null No
vendorCardUrl string|null No

The price values of a card price are defined by the lowest values across the prices of all its variants.

When used as a file, the card-price suffix is required, e.g., tcgplayer/base-set/1-102.usd.card-price.json.


  "expansion": {
    "name": "Fossil",
    "series": "Original Series",
    "tcgRegion": "International",
    "codes": [
    "releaseDate": "1999-10-10T00:00:00Z",
    "cardNumberRightPart": "62"
  "cardNumber": "22",
  "cardNumberSortingOrder": null,
  "additionalCardData": {
    "name": "Articuno",
    "rarity": null,
    "isRaritySet": false,
    "illustrators": null
  "vendor": "TCGplayer",
  "currencyCode": "USD",
  "marketPrice": 894,
  "lowSellingPrice": 300,
  "midSellingPrice": 633,
  "highSellingPrice": 3799,
  "priceDateTime": "2021-12-24T09:41:45Z",
  "vendorExpansionUrl": "",
  "vendorCardUrl": ""