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Getting started

The TCG Collector tools are a collection of commands for crawling, processing and managing Pokémon TCG data.



In order to run the application without Docker, The .NET Core >= 7.0 SDK is required. Once installed, the application can be built by running the make build command from the project root directory. The compiled application can be found in the build directory.


Before you can run the application using Docker, the image needs to be built by running the make docker-build command from the project root directory.


Simply run the application (or any of its commands) with the --help option for general usage help. When using Docker, the application can be run using the tcgcollector-tools command from within the container.

All commands are designed to work independently from TCG Collector, with the exception of the cms command.

Input escaping

Depending on the command, some characters might be reserved. If the command input contains reserved characters, they can be escaped by prefixing them with the \ character. For example, if the , character is reserved, it can be escaped by using \,.