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Resources overview

Most commands work with resources such as expansions and cards. Each resource is represented by a separate JSON file with a unique file suffix per resource type.

Resource type File suffix File example
Expansion expansion base-set.expansion.json
Expansion price expansion-price base-set.usd.expansion-price.json
Card card base-set/1-102.card.json
Card price card-price tcgplayer/base-set/1-102.usd.card-price.json
Card variant price card-variant-price tcgplayer/base-set/1-102/standard-set-foil.usd.card-variant-price.json
Card mapping card-mapping star-birth/001-100.card-mapping.json
Image image base-set/1-102.image.json

All resources follow the TCG Collector card database conventions. These conventions are needed in order to understand how to create or edit resources.

A lot of commands require other resource files as an argument. As an alternative to creating your own resource files, the cms export command can be used to export various resources from TCG Collector if you have the proper access rights.

If you decide to manually create or edit resource files, it's recommended to run the appropriate analyze command in order to detect potential errors, e.g., analyze cards.