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Image reference

An image reference is used exclusively as a subproperty of another resource; it cannot exist as a resource on its own. It's used as an alternative to image (which is a resource on its own) in order to avoid duplicating the image metadata.

Property Type Is required Description
id string|null No See CMS.
relativeImageFilePath string|null If id is null or absent The path to the image file relative to the directory of this resource.
hasBadQuality boolean No Defaults to false. Must be set to true if the image shows artifacts or imperfections of any kind (from lossy (re)compression, upscaling or scanning), if the image has distorted or uncrisp edges (with or without transparency), if the image is raw or unedited, or if the image doesn't look right in general.


  "relativeImageFilePath": "images/base-set/58-102.png",
  "hasBadQuality": false