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Property Type Is required Description
id string|null No See CMS.
imageFileName string Yes The name of the image file located within the same directory of this resource.
hasBadQuality boolean No Defaults to false. Must be set to true if the image shows artifacts or imperfections of any kind (from lossy (re)compression, upscaling or scanning), if the image has distorted or uncrisp edges (with or without transparency), if the image is raw or unedited, or if the image doesn't look right in general.
metadata ImageMetadata Yes

When used as a file, the image suffix is required, e.g., international/base-set/1-102.image.json.


The image metadata can be one of the following types:


  "imageFileName": "3-102.jpg",
  "hasBadQuality": false,
  "metadata": {
    "cardName": "Chansey",
    "expansion": {
      "name": "Base Set",
      "series": "Original Series",
      "tcgRegion": "International",
      "codes": [
      "releaseDate": "1999-01-09T00:00:00Z",
      "cardNumberRightPart": "102"
    "cardNumber": "3/102",
    "cardNumberSortingOrder": 3,
    "cardRarity": "Rare Holo",
    "isCardRaritySet": true,
    "cardIllustrators": [
      "Ken Sugimori"