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Crawling issues and limitations

This document describes all known issues and limitations when using the crawl and map commands.


In general

  • Expansion series, codes and card number right parts can't be crawled, because there are no known sources with this kind of information.


In general


  • If an expansion page is intended for multiple TCG regions, the card list on the left is always assumed to be the international one. If the international card list hasn't been added yet, the Japan card list might be on the left instead.
  • The card text (effects, attacks, descriptions, etc.) might be incorrect or outdated because reprints are generally listed on the same page.
  • There's no way of knowing if unnumbered energy cards of the Japan TCG region belong to the expansion they were crawled for.
  • If a card table contains card numbers from multiple expansions (e.g., Battle Academy (Mewtwo)), the card number sorting orders will be organized incorrectly.


  • Special characters are incorrectly included as normal text: Mudkip Star instead of Mudkip ☆ for example.

Number sorting order

  • The card number sorting order might not be correct because of gaps in card lists. This is especially true for promotional cards such as the SWSH Black Star Promos.


  • Only the Standard Set, Standard Set (Foil), Parallel Set (Reverse Foil), Parallel Set (Energy Foil), Parallel Set (Expansion Stamp Foil) and Promo variants can be assigned based on the rarity of the card, because there are no sources that have variant information yet.
  • If the rarity of a card is null, its variants cannot properly be determined. Therefore the Standard Set variant will be assigned by default. This might be incorrect for some cards such as promotional cards and Machamp (Base Set 8/102).
  • If the rarity of a card is Rare Secret, there's no way of knowing if the card is holographic.
  • Because variants are assigned based on the rarity of the card, some parallel set variants might incorrectly be assigned to cards of an expansion that doesn't have a parallel set.
  • Parallel set variants are only crawled for the international TCG region.


  • Card types such as Full Art Pokémon and Full Art Trainer can inherently not be crawled.
  • Not all card types can be crawled for the Japan TCG region, because they cannot be deduced from the rarity of the card.


  • Because Bulbapedia lists card reprints on the same page, old trainer cards might incorrectly get newer card types assigned.

Energy types

  • The energy types of special energy cards can inherently not be crawled.


  • Newer energy types are incorrectly assigned to older Rainbow Energy-like cards.



  • The rules might be crawled out of order.



  • Some unofficial rarities cannot be automatically translated and will be set to null.



  • For some cards, the illustrators cannot be crawled because they're simply not listed.



  • The card format will always be Unlimited, because Bulbapedia doesn't include it.

Card image

In general


  • Cards of the Hidden Fates Shiny Vault are incorrectly spread over multiple expansions.
  • Certain card numbers of the Celebrations Classic Collection overlap.


  • LEGEND card images ((上)) cannot be crawled because their card numbers are combined.