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Card reference

A card reference contains the minimal amount of information in order to uniquely identify a card. It cannot exist as a resource on its own.

Property Type Is required Description
cardId string|null No See CMS.
expansion Expansion Yes
cardNumber string|null Yes
cardNumberSortingOrder int32|null No
additionalCardData AdditionalCardData|null No


The additional card data provides additional data for the card matching process when no card number is present.

Property Type Is required Description
name string|null No
rarity string|null No
isRaritySet boolean No Defaults to false. Because not all cards have a rarity, this property is required to indicate if a null value means the card has no rarity (true) or the property is not set (false).
illustrators string[]|null No


  "expansion": {
    "name": "VMAX Climax",
    "series": "Sword & Shield Era",
    "tcgRegion": "Japan",
    "codes": [
    "releaseDate": "2021-12-03T00:00:00Z",
    "cardNumberRightPart": "184"
  "cardNumber": "002/184",
  "cardNumberSortingOrder": 2,
  "additionalCardData": {
    "name": null,
    "rarity": null,
    "isRaritySet": true,
    "illustrators": [